Whiteboard - a C++ framework for the programmatic visualization of complex biological analyses

Example: RNA-Sequence expression
Gene expression - a time series

The zebrafish HOX cluster gene expression over early developmental stages. Data from: Yang H et al. Deep mRNA Sequencing Analysis to Capture the Transcriptome Landscape of Zebrafish Embryos and Larvae. PLoS ONE May 13, Volume 8, Issue 5, e64058

Whiteboard is a class library implemented in C++, allowing for easy graphing any kind of data into any format. Whiteboard provides all basic tool sets for drawing simple objects, as well as color manipulation methods, a rich set of compound graphs, and documentation. In addition, the class library comes with a command line parser, a file and string parser, and various other utilities (see

The whiteboard code compiles on Linux/gcc and MacOS X (requires XCode). To build the code and coding samples, first download the source code from here. Next, cd into the whiteboard directory, and type 'make'.

Sample source code can be found in the source_sample/ directory, or online:

Simple graphics
Colors and gradients
Compound objects
Simple 3D geometry
3D animation
Animated gene expression
Heat maps from: Saguaro
Chromosome painting from: Satsuma

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